Instructional Design Process

GP Canada Co. provides full-scale training implementation to meet your needs. Our five-phase instructional systems design (ISD) process ensures a thorough and effective design for your training initiatives. Each of the five phases in the “ADDIE” process is overseen by experienced and knowledgeable project managers:

Analyze your needs and objectives.

During the analysis phase, count on GP Canada Co. to:

  • Perform the necessary task and job analysis
  • Evaluate the criticality of all the system-related tasks to be trained
  • Profile your target audience

This information—together with the results obtained from an alternative media/mode delivery survey and system architecture report—is analyzed, organized, and structured to form the basis of your training program.

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Design your new program around your needs.

Once your analysis is complete, GP Canada Co. will:

  • Define your program objectives
  • Determine your instructional methodologies
  • Structure and sequence your program content

Your training program will be designed to include not only the correct content, but also the correct mode of delivery to achieve the best results. Any tasks that your learners need to recall, or that are considered particularly difficult or important, for example, will be considered for hands-on exercises. The end result is a course design plan specifically tailored for your learners and your goals.

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Develop your content to align with your program design.

In the development stage, GP Canada Co. authors the content of your training program in accordance with your approved course design plan. During this phase, we also develop any web authoring, job aids, paper-based materials, instructor guides, presentations, or class supplements required to support your course objectives. In short, GP Canada Co. delivers all the courseware and related training materials you need to conduct an instructionally sound, cohesive training program to achieve your mission.

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Implement your program to achieve maximum effectiveness.

In the implementation phase, your material is piloted and then conducted for a live audience. Delivery is highly interactive and experientially based to provide your participants with the highest degree of knowledge and skills retention to optimize their job performance.

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Evaluate your program’s effectiveness.

As part of our process, we continuously evaluate our progress throughout all phases of the program. We design teleconferences and meetings into the schedule in order to ensure that your expectations are being met. Most importantly, in the formal evaluation phase, we measure the effectiveness of your training program by gathering participant feedback or by measuring the return on investment (ROI), based on productivity issues.

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Manage your project with expert precision.

GP Canada Co. qualified and experienced project managers form the center of our approach to your training challenges. Our managers are technically proficient in the implementation of training concepts, models, and industry-proven techniques, as well as in the management and administration of training implementation projects. Your project manager will work closely with you through all aspects of the project to bring you the quality training services your workplace performance demands.

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